February CodePath Update From CEO, Michael Ellison

I’m dedicated to ensuring CodePath’s most valued champions get an inside look at our work and impact throughout the year. We are incredibly proud of our students who exemplify tech excellence everyday, and want to acknowledge that our ability to provide them support and produce the following outcomes would not be possible without champions and partners like you.

In February, we made meaningful progress towards our mission of transforming the default pathway to tech into one that is equitable and accessible to all. In a recent analysis of CodePath student’ outcomes, we found that in 2021, nearly 500 alumni are now software engineers at FAANG companies. 

CodePath is building more diverse engineering teams at the world’s top tech employers – including our partners Meta, Walmart, Workday, Lockheed Martin, CapitalOne, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, and Comcast NBCUniversal. Curious how many CodePath students are employed at your company and where you rank on our job outcomes list? Let’s chat! 

One of my favorite outcomes of February was the kickoff collaboration with CodePath Student Antonella Avogadro as she began sharing her experience taking our Remote iOS course (taught by CodePath’s very own Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder, Timothy Lee) with her followers on Instagram and Youtube. 

To learn more about Antonella and her path into tech, I highly recommend reading this post by our partners at The Cognizant Foundation

Next, I am thrilled and humbled to announce that I was recognized as a Changemaker during the NAACP Image Awards which aired on BET this past weekend. This provided CodePath and our students with national exposure and has already led to some exciting conversations and opportunities. Much gratitude to Walmart for this opportunity, as well as Knight Foundation partner, Florida Memorial University for allowing us to use their beautiful campus as a backdrop for the segment. We are partnering with FMU (the only HBCU in South FL) to offer summer technical interview prep courses and for-credit Android offerings in the Fall!

CodePath received additional recognition with features in Forbes and Computer World this month. 

My team and I will be traveling to represent CodePath at key events and would love to connect in person if we are in your area.

SXSW EDU, March 7-8 – Austin, TX

ASU-GSV, April 4-6 – San Diego, CA

JFF Advisory Board Meeting, June 6 – New Orleans, LA 

Social Innovation Summit, June 7-8 – Washington, D.C. 

Last but certainly not least, I am honored to announce that Jobs For The Future recently recognized CodePath.org as 1 of 14 trailblazing organizations working to increase the number and proportion of Black Americans in high-earning technology careers. Other organizations recognized include /dev /color and Eskalera Inc. – all focused on providing mentorship and support to tomorrow’s tech leaders from today’s leading technologists of color. 

I look forward to being a part of JFF’s Advisory Council to further its mission to drive change in the American workforce and education systems and promote economic advancement for all. 

CodePath CEO Michael Ellison, Reboot Representation CEO Dwana Franklin-Davis, EVP & Chief Diversity Officer Dalila Wilson-Scott, JFF VP Michael Collins, Associate Vice President Strategic Partnerships & Community Impact Gwyneth Gaul

I hope you are finding these updates helpful in staying connected with CodePath and our mission. Reach out to our team at info@codepath.org to let us know what topics or content you’d like me to feature in future updates!